I hope everyone that celebrates it had a blessed Christmas! It is New Year’s Eve today and a new year is certainly upon us. I hope you make lots of time to stitch in 2014 and finish project after project. I have a whole box full of started or want to do things in cross stitch, canvas and beading so when I retire I won’t have to buy anything until I get those all done – just planning ahead.
When we remodeled our kitchen, we put in cupboards as tall as the ceiling where the top half is glass instead of wood. I thought – what a great place to put some stitching since it would be safe behind the glass, so I picked 12 designs by Laura J Perin that most have a diamond shaped motif on it somewhere. This shape will repeat the laid tiles on the floor. The glass panels will allow 3 to fit vertically in each door and they are very similar in size so I think it will turn out fine. I have completed one square of the first panel and it is pictured here. It is called Amethyst Dreams. The other two that will be above and below this one have more blues with a touch of purple to tie them together. These are some of my favorite canvas designs that use a variety of threads and stitches.

And just so you won’t think I just start things and never finish them – I also got done 6 snowmen ornaments designed by Lori Birmingham from a kit that hadn’t sold. These were so cute with their carrot noses and beaded accents. I just changed the hat and scarf colors so they would all be different and used coordinating fabric and cording to finish. There is a button music box inside so when you squeeze it, it plays jingle bells. It is too bad she is no longer designing cross stitch and hardanger pieces as they were quite nice. I didn’t get a picture before I gifted them out so this is the cover picture to give you an idea of what they looked like.

Also finished up Griffin’s Christmas stocking (knitted with duplicate stitched designs). My aunt started this tradition by knitting my brother and me stockings and then my children, so it seemed right to continue with their spouses and grandchildren. Ainsleys’ will be next.

And put the back on and machine quilted a top Taylor (oldest grand) did a couple of years ago. She picked the fabrics out and the layout and sewed it together. Looks pretty good for a first piece. I quilted the shape of a jigsaw puzzle piece tumbling on it since she used a colorful jigsaw fabric that was for autism awareness.

For those who picked up one of our 2014 calendars, there will be a change from what was added as an event in June. The Over 20 Hop will not take place, however, an All Iowa Hop will be held in June. I will share more details as they are available. There has been a change in coordinators so we are a little behind last year in getting the information about participating.

May you all have a safe and joyous New Year. All of my children and their families will come over for lunch tomorrow plus Jeanne. I may be up until midnight tonight just preparing food! Although I did make the desserts yesterday – grasshopper pie and lemon fluff.