Someone asked they could come and stitch tomorrow so I have planned an extra sit and stitch for 6:00 and beyond. I have blueberry scones for goodies made by my son.
We had a lovely day with family at my house. First thought it would only be the two younger children and family but the older one called at 11:45 and said they hadn’t gone fishing, could they come over and eat, too. Of course we threw some extra meat on the grill and had the other two grab another dozen ears of corn on the way up from Waterloo and we were set. The four older grands had fun jumping on the trampoline with water from the hose to cool them off. The littlest grand stayed inside most of the time. Griffin is just about ready to take off walking on his own – does great now holding on to fingers but it won’t be long now and we will have to run to catch up with him. Jennifer has a two chair and table set that looks like it belongs in an ice cream shop. She has some spray paint to give it a new coat and we recovered the seats after lunch. She brought a piece of plywood and foam and cut those on her dad’s band saw. Then we stretched some new vinyl over the top. Took 3 to compress, stretch, and staple. These will look great on their porch. They have listed there house on Joy Dr, so if anyone is looking for a nice starter house in a friendly area in Waterloo, give Trapp Realty a call for a viewing. Took a load of things over to their new place in Cedar Falls on Monday night. We’ll get to celebrate Griffin’s first birthday there soon.
May buzz over to Shell Rock for the fireworks later tonight. Ken likes the boomers best. Hope everyone had a safe 4th! Thanks to all those who have served our country to keep us free.