Had a great time at last night’s Sit & Stitch. We had assorted muffins and someone brought chocolates from another Waverly business – yum. Oh and we did stitch, too. I finished cording a bellpull (49″ long!)and attaching the hardware so it was ready to be picked up this morning. I was having a time making the cording because it was so long. I wanted make both sides at the same time so the twist would be the same. I had to take it home so my husband could help me with his long arms. Then when I went to put it on I didn’t like the colors so the next day I changed the white to a dull metallic silver and it looked much better. Next I have some Christmas ornaments to finish for people – 3 are three dimensional and one is flat. But first I have to get the newsletter for August finished and out. Tomorrow is the last day for the anything with buildings on it sale. Today the bank had a grill out for Big Brothers and Big Sisters Org. Saw my husband drive into the parking lot as I was walking over for change and carried over lunch for him and Jeanne. They were doing hot dogs and hamburgers. Tonight is the chinese dinner special at Hy-Vee – BOGO so Ken’s taking me out for dinner! This will be a no cooking day. Have to catch up on my Draw Something opponents – if you want to play with me let me know your user name.