The U. S. nationwide/Canadian quilters hop called Row By Row starts here today and runs through September 8. Here’s how it works. Each shop that is participating will have a pattern for the row that they have designed. The theme for this year is water, so rows will have something to do with water. There is no passport to keep track of or stamps to get. This gives you a chance to visit stores in other states if you travel on vacations and get patterns for their rows. Each state has a facebook page where you can see rows, license plates and which stores are “rowing”.
Here’s Iowa’s

Also here is the main Row By Row page with a map

For example, our row is pictured above. When you come into the shop, tell us you are rowing and you will receive a free copy of this Friendly Froggy pattern. We do have kits that are available with the fabric, ribbon and buttons to make this row. YOU MUST BE PHYSICALLY IN FIBERWORKS TO GET A FREE PATTERN OR PURCHASE A KIT TO TAKE HOME. We will NOT be mailing these out to anyone until after Oct 31st. And you may NOT pick up a pattern for your sister, brother, best friend, sick Susie who couldn’t make it today or even your dying mother – you get the picture so don’t ask. The designers hold the copyright for these patterns even though they are given free to in store customers that request one so they may not be legally copied to share with anyone else. After October 31st, we will list the kit with pattern and the pattern separately on our web site where it may be purchased and mailed to you at that time – not before. If you wish to order one and pay for it from afar now, you may do so but it will NOT be mailed until November 1st. Please don’t ask me or my staff to bend or break these guidelines as I have given my word to follow the rules. I do not wish to jeopardize my opportunity to do this again next year.

We have a basket of 25 fat quarters that will be given to the first person who brings in a completed quilt (quilted, bound and labeled) using at least 8 rows from the Row By Row patterns before October 31st.

We also have a license plate available for purchase –

With the weather today, you may actually have to row your boat to get here. Just kidding – only raining not flooding…