Uncle’s Bill’s Tweezers are great when you are doing Hardanger cutting and want to pull out the tiny threads that are no longer a part of your designs. They have very pointed ends to grab small orts. They also work great to pull needles out of fingers or splinters. I sewed through the tip of a finger one day with the sewing machine – fed that fabric a little too close into the needle area. The immediate reaction was to pull it back out of the way and in doing so broke the needle off. It didn’t hurt right away but when I looked at the needle and saw it was broken I started looking for the piece around on the table. Then I realized it was in my finger! Tweezers worked good to get a hold of the end and remove it – then it started to hurt some. These don’t take up much room in your “tool” chest either.

Clover also has a pair that is longer to hold on to that have the sharp points but come together sideways instead of against each other. (Clover on the bottom and Uncle Bill on the top in the picture.)