The background fabric finally arrived for the Celtic Crystals block of the month so we are ready to start. I started sewing ove the weekend and have a few blocks constructed.
Block 1 is named after the Apatite stone. Apatite has been associated with appetite suppression for centuries. Wearing it contributes to an unconditional acceptance of circumstances and people. It connects to a very high level of spiritual guidance and helps with heart and throat chakra issues – maintaining heart and emotional centering while involved in public speaking and group communications. It also enhances creativity, awakening the finer inner self. Have to give a program tonight at P.E.O. so maybe I should have some to wear. Do you think wrapping the block around like a scarf would help? I had not heard of this stone. It looks sort of like turquoise only deeper blue in color with white veins. Here is a picture of Block 1:

Call or stop in to sign up for the quilt B.O.M. if you haven’t already.

We also have the first part of a mystery sampler in now from Rosewood Manor. It is called Spring Has Come and don’t we all wish that were true. It comes in 3 patterns to make the whole. The threads used are Weeks Dye Works floss (a set available) and it worked on 32 count Fabric Flair called Yorkshire Flowers. It has stylized yellow flowers already printed on the background to accent the spaces where the background shows. Here is a picture of the first part:

A reminder that the Threedles Trunk Show is only here until the end of March. I know the weather has been icky but seems to be straightening out so you can get in and see these lovely models. Here is one of Kurdy’s smaller pieces made into a small purse. What a great way to show off your needlework. You can take it with you to show all your friends. She has also finished some as tote bags for the larger size designs.