The Bremer County fair started on Sunday with the inevitable tractor pull. Judging must have started on Monday as a co-worker said he got a red ribbon on his cabbage and peppers. Since my girls are way past their 4H days we don’t get to the grounds as much as we used to. Ken is doing child care on Wednesday instead of Tues so Rachel can work for me while I am out of town for a couple of days. Can’t have Jeanne miss her hair appointment! He’ll probably take the kids out to look at the animals and other fun stuff there. Still supposed to be in the 90’s all week. Maybe this summer is the global warming that I have been hearing about – it’s sure been hot enough. We spent the afternoon and evening on Sunday freezing sweet corn so we can have “real” corn later in the year. I got the suckers for the birthday tree today and Halloween handouts for all the town kids that hit the stores the Thursday before Halloween. We will be celebrating 19 years in business the end of September. More details about the party later on. Stay cool!