Just got in these CUTE box toppers from Faithwurks. One is called 3 Cheers and has 3 Uncle Sam figures that sit on the top of a small box. The other one is Hoppy Easter with a white chocolate bunny for the top. All you need to stitch is the banding that goes around the box. All banding and floss are included in the kit. You can paint the cardboard box whatever color you would like to match the design.

A reminder that we have four parking places leased in the lot behind us that are marked for Fiberworks customers during the construction on Bremer Ave. There is no parking on the street in front of the store but you can still come in the front door if you wish. You can also follow Denny (Denise) the Detour Dog’s sign pointing to the back door. She has her crazy quilted shirt on since the street construction is CRAZY.