The above link is for Norden Crafts facebook page. They started a new Facebook (FB) contest 6 weeks ago featuring designs both new and existing from several designers. They asked their FB fans to LIKE and SHARE the image of the featured design, and by doing so be entered to win a free autographed pattern. They choose 5 random winners at the end of the day, and post them on FB. The winners will choose a shop or stitchery site for the charts to be sent to, and then the stitcher will receive the pattern from the shop.

The average post reaches 4,000 people a day! They have had such a great response, that they are featuring a design 5 days a week to keep up with the flow of charts.

What a great way to promote the stitching industry as a whole.
Visit or LIKE their Facebook page, and share posts each day.

If you do not wish to do the social media thing, you can still go to the Norden Crafts web site and see what is new for the week by clicking on the new items link at

Rachel has been working to get a lot of the new fabrics on our web site and now she is starting on yarns that we have not featured there before. We have lots of the ribbon yarn used for making ruffled scarves that are really “hot” items now. Don’t know how to knit or crochet? One label gives instructions for doing a chain stitch with your fingers and then you can wrap the resulting length around however many times you want. It makes a nice drape necklace. We also have the ladder or trellis yarn that many are crocheting into necklaces with a chain stitch.

Remember to go to where you can see new cross stitch patterns from many designers. You can search by keyword or designer or what’s new. If we don’t have them in stock, we can get any of these shown for you. You can search by keyword or designer or what’s new. Rather than re-invent the wheel, we have opted to let you browse their web site rather than re-entering them on ours. Because the life of a cross stitch pattern may not be very long, I hate to have to tell customers I can no longer get a book they have ordered on our site. Usually we don’t know they are out of print until we try to get another one.