It is wedding time. A niece is tying the knot and DH and I are traveling to California to a lovely vineyard for the occasion. Jeanne, Rachel and Jennifer will keep the shop running while I am gone. If they don’t know what you need they can get a hold of me or you can wait patiently until I return. It has been about 7 years since we were away from home together so its time for a little just me and my honey time. “Do you know the way to San Jose” is what we will be singing early in the morning.
The 25th of July is the next official sit and stitch night but I will be back for the 18th if anyone wants to come a week early. I should be spending these nights working on my cupboard door inserts. I am working on several Laura Perin geometric canvas designs to put behind the glass in my kitchen doors. Each door will fit 3 pieces and there are 4 doors so that’s 12 designs to get done. Wow. I am almost done with #1 so only 11 more to go….

The granddaughters did my nails this weekend. Taylor did polka dots on the black or white for the toes and Sydney did rainbow colors on the fingers. Should be festive for the wedding, yes?

I got the new fixture up to hold all the new yarns we got in so they are ready for you to view much better than before in the boxes and crates. Stop in and see.