Today we got in some new colors of Starbella and Boutique Ribbons yarn. Both are used to make the ruffled scarves. I do have some free patterns that also show the Starbella used for purses and a vest. You use the yarn as it comes off the ball as a tape yarn to knit the body of the vest and then open it up to add the collar in the ruffles. Looks like it would be warm as well as cute. The new colors are NEON! The picture doesn’t show the intensity of the colors but a couple of them might actually vibrate.

Orange, Pink, Turquoise, and Purple. For you Wartburg supporters we have finally gotten in a black and orange stripe. The Ribbons are Malibu, Sangria, UltraViolet and Fireworks which is black with a multicolored fine metallic thread accent. These scarves are easy and quick to make. If you haven’t tried one, stop in and I will get you started.