Counted canvas work is probably my favorite technique. I am participating in an ANG online class by Carolyn Mitchell called My Way. And that’s what it is – she encouraged each of us to choose our own combination of colors and arrange the squares in any configuration we liked. I am choosing to do a nine patch and have the center block done (pictured below). I am coordinating colors with my current sofa pillows – reds, blues and tans. I have a bag of threads in these colors that I choose from as I do the blocks. There are seven blocks in the instruction booklet so I will have to get creative on the other two squares.

I am making the grands each a pillow case for their Easter treasure at the end of their hunt on Sunday. I have chosen prints that should fit in with each one’s interest or favorites. Too bad I don’t have Lego fabric! But I do have trains, dogs, horses, volleyball, dinosaurs and fishing. I am using the Easy Peasy pillow case method where you layer the body and cuff and accent piece, roll them in a tube and sew together. This seam is then enclosed and you just have to zip up the bottom and side edge. Guess I’d better go get busy! Have a blessed Easter!