Just got in some new Lizzie Kate things that were released at the Nashville market earlier this month. The first picture shows A Bee C, Flowers and Chicks. They are billed as limited edition kits since they come with a piece of fabric, colors will vary as they are assorted, and beads and/or button for embellishment. They do not have any threads in them but they are small designs that would work up in an evening so it doesn’t take much thread. Models are shown with Gentle Arts Sampler and Weeks Dye Works hand dyed cotton floss but DMC alternative numbers are also listed. You are welcome to change colors as the spirit moves you.

The second picture is At Our House. The verse says “at our house we do real, we do mistakes, we do sorry,we do do-overs, we do fun! we do forgiveness, we do LOUD really well, we do hugs, we do patience, we do family, we do love.” This one come with the floss which is mostly hand dyed Crescent Colours. The model is shown worked on 32 count Light Mocha Belfast linen but there is enough thread to work it on any 14-18ct or 28-35ct fabric. I really like her word samplers – they are so true and make me smile each time I read them.

In stock now – let me know if you need one!

Those of you that have been in the shop recently know that my daughter Jennifer and her son Griffin have been helping me out some mornings. Griffin will be 2 years old in July and certainly brings many a smile to his gram’s face. When I come in the door he pulls the chair out at the table by my laptop because he knows I check email first thing. He likes to sit on my lap when I zigzag around fabrics and knows when we get to the corner he needs to lift the presser foot so I can change directions. Today he handed me a sack and opened the drawer for the money when I was helping a customer because he has seen me do that before. It is amazing what children learn just by watching people – a good reminder to be on my best behavior especially when the grands are around! Here is a picture of him with his jacket and hat on ready to go home. Love the eyes – he doesn’t say a whole lot yet but certainly can tell you what he wants or where to go. He gives Jeanne her placemat at lunch time and takes mail orders back to her desk for us. I think by the time he is 3 he will be ready to be on the payroll! He is learning his alphabet already, sorry was I bragging? Well, that’s one requirement of wearing the label “grandparent”. My husband seems to stop in more often on his lunch break from doing taxes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday I’ve noticed.

If you are lucky enough to have grandchildren close to you, love them as much as you can. It is the best time of our lives!