Just got in the last three of the 6 Snow Belle patterns. These can be stitched individually or they can be put together in one big project. Here’s what it would look like. Their male counterparts – 6 Fat Men are at the bottom.

Also Joy to the World and another Inspirational Boxer B41: “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” There is also a bonus pin cushion pattern with this one. If you need any of these, let me know.

We’ve really gotten into a lot of beading the past 3-4 years as we have a special interest group in beading from our Embroiderer’s Guild group. The first couple of years we concentrated on learning techniques. Now we are more project oriented. Sometimes it is frustrating to find a pattern in one of the bead magazines that I’d like to do but have trouble finding like ingredients or the colors used are not printed in the list. I finally found some 22mm hematite donuts/rings for one necklace I liked and then had to search for the magazine again. If anyone else needs various sizes of rings – just ask, I think I had to get a bag of 100 so I could get 15 all the same size. I’ve got extras! Now when I look at the list of supplies, it seems I didn’t get everything so can’t start it now anyway :(. Not that there isn’t plenty of other things I could be working on…..