Hey – those who have been around me this fall and winter might have noticed that I was unable to sneak up on anyone while wearing my Crocs. Although they were comfortable, first the right one and then the left one began to make noise with every step I took. It got so I could hardly hear the music at the shop if I was walking, well, maybe not quite that bad but close. It was really annoying. They are fur lined and apparently the lining was moving on the sole part. I finally turned the fur inside out and cut the sole part off of the lining that goes over the top part. Applied some baby powder to the foundation sole and put the furry part back in as it wasn’t good walking without it as there are several holes in the sole. Voila – no more squeeks! There was a white plastic piece on the bottom of the fur lining that was sliding on the foundation that was making all the noise. Can’t talk about me any longer because I may be coming…..