The dates for the 2014 Online Needlework Shows have been released:
Spring Show: April 17 – 22
Fall Show: October 16 – 21

Please mark these on your calendars so you will be ready to look at all the great things offered in the stitching world.

I now have a picture of another finished item – can you believe it? The pillow/quilt for my sweet 3 month old granddaughter.

I used fabric from Alligator Tales grouping by Red Rooster Co. because it had the cutest little animals on it and was brightly colored (babies like bright colors and it helps stimulate their little minds). The pattern was free on the Red Rooster web site and very easy as you can see – just rows on the top and bottom of the blocked panel with a border on the edges. I just sandwiched front and back and batting face together, sewed around except for an opening to turn it inside out. I machine quilted around the blocks and then did a bee outline in the corners and palm trees in the rows with animals. I used yellow Minkee on the back for a soft pillow backing when it is folded up and tucked in the striped pocket.

I hope Ainsley uses it until there is just a scrap left like her mother used one that a good friend of mine made for my babes.