Three of the grandchildren, at various times, ended up spending time at the shop until uit was time to get a ride home with Grammie and of course they needed something to do.The youngest, Sydney had made a pillow at school where I showed her and a friend to sew two pieces of fabric together by hand and stuff it to go along with a story they were reading in class about a lady who showed a younger person to sew. The next time she was at the shop and wanted to make another pillow, I showed her how to use the sewing machine to sew the two pieces together. She couldn’t decide between dogs and pigs so she did one side of each. The two boys ended up at the shop when they didn’t want to go along to a volleyball tournament so i asked them if they would like to make a pillow, too. Derek chose four wheeler and Jordan chose army fabric with helicopters and tanks on it. And then declared he didn’t want a square pillow he wanted a triangle. So triangle it became. They all did a good job of hand sewing the stuffing hole shut.

If any of you have young people that would like to learn to make a pillow and need assistance, just give me a call and we will set up a time.


Jordan, Derek and Sydney with their pillows.