The Victoria Sampler – Beautiful Finishing 1 Bellpulls pattern only


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Have you ever wanted to know the secrets of Beautiful Finishing? Learn Victoria Sampler’s special finishing secrets using Thea’s new “Stitching is my Passion” design! In this design there are delicious overdyed and silk threads, amethyst heart beads, and pearls. Victoria Sampler’s Finishing Expert, Lisa Archer, will show you three different methods of finishing them. Our first method to finish a bellpull is called the Fold Over method. Our model is shown at upper left of cover photo. You can use this method for any design, no matter how big or small it is. Just be sure to adjust the measurements of the fabric and choose proportionately sized double bellpull hardware. The Fold Over method is simple and elegant, flexible yet firm, and hides the back of your stitching under your choice of backing fabric while adding that extra touch of perfection to your precious stitching. See how easy Beautiful Finishing really is! She is retired and we can’t reorder.