Timeless Treasures fabric – Beer GM C8953 black



100% cotton fabric from Timeless Treasures. This one has a black background with glasses of beer and bottles in yellow, gold and rust with white foam. Also the words keg, lager, pilsner, wort, grain, porter, craft, malt, brew, brewing, export, cask, dunkel, heffweizen, bock, hops, draught, beer, barley, barrel, ipa, stout, dry hopping, lambic, wheat, pale, imperial, ales in white and gray lettering – great for a guy quilt – no flowers.

Price is per 1/4 yard.

Order in 1/4 yard increments. 1=1/4 yd, 2=1/2 yard, 3=3/4 yard, 4=1 yd, etc.


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