Next week beginning on Wednesday the Love To Shop Hop Trail will be on. To celebrate the run we have a four piece trunk show of quilts in designed and made by Nancy Mahoney from her book Simple Circles and Quick Curves. Please take time to stop in and see these lovely quilts.

The Hop will be open starting at 10:00 on April 9th. You can get your card to be stamped at the first shop you visit and turn it in after following the trail to all seven stores. Completed cards can be exchanged for a 14 piece fat quarter bundle of spring solids from Moda. See what the stores have created using these same fat quarters along you way. Participating shops include Fiberworks Needlework Shop and Moose Patch in Waverly, Crazy to Quilt and Lulijune’s in Cedar Falls, Jen’s Needlework in Aplington, Prairie Rose Fabrics in Clarksville and Dralle’s in Greene.

From those who like to do canvaswork/needlepoint, we have gotten in some Coffman Adjust-a-Frame sizes. These are similar to the Evertite brand only not as pricey and not as heavy. If you need to keep your work consistently tight while you work on it, try a set of these. They can be tightened up as you work without having to take all the tacks out and re-stretch. You will need a tool kit with your first purchase which can be used on all sizes of frames. It contains two wrenches to tighten the frame sides.

The sizes come from 6″ – 30″ and it takes two pairs to make a square. Any size pair can be put with any other size pair to make what area you need. I started with 14″, 15″, 16″, 18″ and 20″ since I find the larger the piece the more these help you out. I don’t have trouble with small sizes because I can get them done sooner. The larger pieces take me longer to stitch and get loose since they are on the frame longer. I have a 20″ square and 18″ square that I am currently working on at home. I will take some home tonight to try out.