Finally this week we had a day when we got just over an inch of blessed rain. We had to sit with the front door open so we could hear and smell the rain. The soybeans really drank it in and I think they grew about 4″ from when I went to work until I came I came home – no more rows showing just one big field of beans. Corn looks better too but there are some spots I see where the soil is light and stalks are all ready brown to the top.
Had a good time at the Sit and Stitch on Thursday, actually the last two Thursdays. I got 3 pieces of beaded jewelry fixed that needed repair. We had home baked chocolate chip cookies this week and I did a quick visit to the bakery the week before. None on August 2nd as I will be out of town for a couple of days.

Got Griffin’s first birthday celebrated on Sunday. He has discovered light switches and is fascinated to see what happens when he hits them . At his house they are toggles so operate better than up and down switches like at Aunt Rachel’s house where he was exploring them yesterday. Gramps and I will go down after work today with the pickup to get a few more things at the old house and spend a little time with him and his dad. Mom is out of town and away from her babe for the first time….wonder who will miss the other more? I think his four cousins kept him distracted yesterday.

The Just Cross Stitch magazine Halloween special issue is here. There are some really cute patterns in it to help decorate for the spooky day. Be sure to let us know if you’d like to get the Christmas ornament issue that will be out in September. We are taking reservations now. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!