I have good news today that those of you who have been waiting for at least a month for the black and gold ruffled scarf yarn that it is being shipped TODAY! So I should have it in next week. Fans of Steelers, Iowa Hawkeyes and W-SR teams will be ready for cheering in your colors. Purple and gold and green and gold – go Vikings, Panthers and Packers – should be in that shipment as well.
Tonight is the Waverly downtown merchant trick or treat night. While it has stopped raining – the wind has picked up and the temperature is dropping from a morning high. I’m glad I have a little alcove so I can stand out of the wind. Not so glad I have an alcove when the snow blows in and tries to come under the door….I am ready in my spider dress with Spot, my pet spider on my shoulder. Taylor even did cobwebs on my finger nails for me last night so I am appropriately spooky. I didn’t blow up Spot’s daddy and hang him from the ceiling like I have previously. Too lazy to get out the ladder and too short to reach the ceiling tiles to tuck him in, maybe next year when tall hubby stops in. He is done with the harvest! Yeah!