So let’s get some discussion going here – what is your favorite stitching tool? I think the one that comes to mind for me is My Favorite Dololly made by Mardina. While she is no longer in business, there are other products similar to this. It has two pieces connected by a chain. One looks like a long wire needle threader and the other is a small hook. It is used to end threads on the back of needlework. The wire is slid under existing stitches and then the hook can be used to pull loose ends through the wire which is then slid back out securing the ends. It is important not to have ends flopping about on the back of your work, especially if your ground fabric is light and the threads are darker colors. It can leave a shadow on the front when mounted for framing if these hang over in blank spaces rather than being tucked into the stitched areas.
Here is a picture of the Celtic design Fiber Hider that is still available.

I think we all love gadgets – what is your favorite?