Once again Bremer Ave in front of our building is being a pain in the patoot. In order to service the sprinkler systems of the new downtown apartments, new pipes need to be run under the road. We were told that there would be no parking on our side of the street for about two weeks and then on the north side for another two weeks until this was completed. Unfortunately the situation was not described in reality. There is no parking on either side because the two lanes, one in each direction, have been diverted all on one side so with space for the cones to divide lanes you will be driving in the parking area going west. Also they have blocked off 1st and 2nd streets (the streets on either end of our block) so you cannot turn off Bremer Ave either north or south. The closest parking lot is across from the post office – so if you are coming to visit, turn south on 3rd street between Love & Lace and the First Insurance building. The parking lot will be on your right past the alley. You are welcome to use our back entrance if you wish, like during sidewalk construction in the past, rather than walking around to the front of the building. Sorry for the inconvenience. Remember we are glad to mail you anything you need if you don’t want to stop in right now!