The Threedles Needleart Designs trunk show is hanging ready for you to come and look at the beautiful models.

I have even started the one called A Different View on the Koral Kiss canvas after I saw it in person. I had the ingredients collected but hadn’t had the push to get it going. I have the outline of the octagons done and am adding the metallic 3 x 3 Jessica stitches presently. It is the one on the right next to the big butterfly on the yellow bag. The crystals and beads Kurdy uses just do not show up in a picture. Really – stop in and see for yourself how gorgeous these are.

I have been busy sorting quilting fabric and have started to mark those on the web site catalog down so those who can’t get in know which ones are on sale. Check back often as I only have so much time each day to add more sale bolts. If you are in driving distance, come in and see for yourself the newly marked down fabrics.

Our youngest child works at the Waterloo Courier newspaper as a copy editor and also does movie, game and book reviews now and again. He has had a picture with this column from when he first started working there. Looked like a high school kid with a goofy grin. Last night I noticed he had a new picture taken – facial hair and long hair included. Still sort of a goofy grin but that’s just a part of his good nature. As one of my friends said – looks like he is all grown up now. Any lonely gals out there looking for a guy with a goofy grin? He’s a great cook and pretty intelligent but not a great housekeeper – guess he gets that from his mother. I’d rather stitch than clean but I think I have gotten tidier now that I don’t have extras besides the hunk living in. Send your resume and picture to me first and if you pass inspection with me I’ll pass it on – just kidding.