I guess I was not correct today when I told a person that I didn’t want to sell anything to them. And I didn’t even have what they were looking for. Evidently they were upset and might sue me for discriminating against them. Anyone know a good attorney? My problem with this person is all they have bought from me goes immediately to Ebay where I personally think they are taking advantage of my stitching friends who pay much more than the “suggested retail” for a pattern or kit which may or may not be still available through a LNS. This person has no intention of stitching the product or adding to a stash. And I know Ebay is an auction site that goes to the highest bidder, but it still bugs me. I know I should not feel this way but couldn’t help my big mouth and tell them what I thought. I try so hard to service my customers and then I must have been having a bad day all of a sudden. Will anyone come and visit me in jail? Heaven knows this type of business doesn’t make much money so if you hear of a going out of business sale you’ll know why. It will be to pay my law suit.