Yes, we are now officially 19 years old and quite different from the day we opened. We started in a much smaller location only three blocks and across the river from where we are now. It had a tiny bathroom with tiny mirror pieces all over the walls. The building used to be a glass and paint store. John must have put all his mirror scraps to good use, well if you like to sit and look at yourself while you sit on the “throne”. The boxes of floss had come before their cases so they were all precariously stacked up on a shelf. I still think it was good use of the “basement expand” fund that I used to start the business. Join us for the celebration starting on Tuesday, Sept 18th. Draw a toostie pop from our tree and get a discount of 10%, 15% or 20% depending on the color on the bottom of the stick. No punching of key tags during this event and discounts are on in stock and regular priced merchandise.
The Just Cross Stitch Ornament magazines for 2012 are now here. I’ll have to look closer to see if there are any I want to make 5 of for the grandchildren this year. Although I think I will continue a punchneedle design from Lizzie Kate or some snowmen from Lori Birmingham with musical buttons that play something. I haven’t pushed it yet to see which tune.

Football and soccer games start today starring the two older grandsons – 2nd and 3rd grades. Oldest granddaughter has started volleyball this year and soccer tomorrow as a 7th grader. Their mother has a crazy schedule getting them to all the practices and coaching both boy’s soccer teams as well. Take a deep breath!