Well, this has been quite a week for winter weather in Iowa. Last week we had a day with temps up to 50 then Sunday started with freezing rain and slippy. slidey sidewalks and streets. Rachel called to say the highway wasn’t so bad as they were on their way in to usher for 9:00 service. We had been see-sawing whether to try it to town so husband got dressed, again, and we left. If we don’t go to church on Sunday, the rest of the week just doesn’t fall into place. We pulled up to park in front of church – only 5 minutes late. A challenge to get up the steps and in the door – even the grass was slick on the slopes. Didn’t have a problem finding a pew that’s for sure. When we left the Flex didn’t want to get out from the curb as the street was crowned in the middle and we kept bumping the curb until we got to the next intersection. Stayed in town to eat and came home past Rachel’s as granddaughter Sydney was supposed to have her belated birthday party (1/20). At least she could open our present plus a couple of other ones that day. Monday – no school – ice all over everything. My nose started leaking on Sunday night and by Monday morning my sinuses were way clogged and hadn’t slept good during the night so I spent most of the day on the sofa waking up and planning to do something then sitting back down and trying to go back to sleep. Ken brought me some snot-dry-out medicine and slept pretty good. Still not back up to normal but did make it to the shop finally. Wednesday – snow 5-6″, blowing – no school. Rode into work with Ken in his honking 4 wheel drive pickup and spent the day counting as not many people came in to buy. Thursday and today COLD! But at least after a couple of nights under the misting machine I feel alive once again. It’s supposed to be sunny and into the 20’s on Sunday and the germs are all gone so come and see up on Sunday. It’s Iowa – as usual – just wait 24 hours and the weather will change again. Don’t ya love it! Variety is the spice of life.