I have two sets of patterns from monsterbubbles that I just found under some other stuff. It is a monthly series to pay tribute to the alleged witches of Salem, Massachusetts. The commemoratees are Rebecca Nurse, Lydia Dustin, Elizabeth Proctor, Abigail Hobbs, Sarah Osborne, Bridget Bishop, Sarah Good, Dorcas Hoar, Mary Easty, Alice Parker, Margaret Scott, Martha Corey. The pack contains 12 witch hats, a border designed especially to make your three favorite hats into one big picture and a “stitchHazel” that can be made into a pin for you or your favorite stitcher. Only two of these available at $48.00 per set instead of the regular retail of $72.00. Halloween will soon be here – are you ready? Each hat does have a monthly theme to it so if you love Halloween you could have a hat up each month for decoration. Let me know if you want one of these hats with character sets.